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Advanced Energy Services

The Energy Department at IDP Suring offers full energy services and solutions, from the utility contracts simple optimization, advice in the liberalized energy market, and up to the most complete energy audit and process reengineering. Our energy consultants are specialized in evaluating and recommending projects to improve the energy efficiency and introduce renewable energies.

Our engineers can estimate energy use, savings and cost effectiveness. We can provide additional services, such as preparation of project specifications or engineering and design and give assistance in hiring the vendors, managing the contractors and reviewing bid packages Suring’s consultants are accessible and responsive to questions, concerns, and problems, and always remain available. Because we know that even after the audit has been completed, difficulties can arise during the project bid stage or after the projects have been installed.

Energetic action plan (municipalities)

IDP Suring develops Energy Action Plans for local authorities to guide their work towards the energy savings targets. They contain characterisation of energy consumption during the reference years, other energy consumption benchmarks, identification of applicable energy efficiency measures and practices, and a schedule for implementation of cost-effective improvements.

Buildings energy performance certificate (epc).

Check of fulfilment the basic energy efficiency requirements (2002/91/CE Directive), with objective information about the energy characteristics and classification of the buildings.

Energy purchase management (free market)

In behalf of the client, election of modality: directly to the “pool”, to Energy vendors, Producers, in special regime (bilateral physical contracts).

Energy audits.

Energy audits consist of a structured inspection of a facility to estimate energy use and identify opportunities for increasing energy efficiency. On-site observations are analysed to allocate metered facility energy use to specific end-uses, estimate savings associated with applicable efficiency measures, estimate the costs of those measures, and prepare investment analyses of those measures. Our framework is the life cycle cost (LCC) economic analysis of systems and devices. Energy audits are designed to help companies overcome a number of common barriers to implementing energy efficiency measures For detailed energy audits, Suring’s consultants have broad experience on all types of energy efficiency projects.

Energy processes management

We advise in obtaining savings by means of the energy consumption and demand side management. All the possibilities of improvement are studied by the redesign of the energy activity processes or systems.

Industry sector

Through greater energy efficiency, the industry sector can increase productivity and competitiveness while improving their energy security, environmental performance and economic health. Finding ways to help industry improve its energy efficiency is the work of the IDP Department of Energy. IDP IDP Suring works through partnerships with industry to increase the efficiency of industrial energy use, particularly in energy-intensive industries. The Junta de Andalusia, whose Energy Agency provides financial assistance to projects, can accelerate the pace of technology innovation. These partnerships join the expertise of IDP IDP Suring and the Agency to solve technological challenges.

Renewable energies projects and CHP projects

We offer viability analysis, project and site management, and dealing with authorisation and licenses.