IDP IDP Suring ingeniería

Suring offers a wide range of services and integral solutions to deal, through global actions, with technical, environmental, energetic, and financial challenges that companies face during their projects development.

Suring offers specialized engineering services for both the project and work execution, as well as for project management and commissioning, in the following sectors:

  • Building and Civil work
  • Industrial utilities and facilities.
  • Commercial and administrative buildings installations.
  • Urbanization and urban infrastructures
  • Food-processing sector

Our range of services includes the following aspects:

Basic and detailed engineering

We develop engineering projects for buildings and facilities, helping our clients to handle administrative authorisations and to manage works execution.

Environmental engineering

Suring has expertise in a wide range of services for the environmental administrative procedure of urban and industrial projects, including Environmental Reports and Studies, IPPC, Authorization Management, etc, by means of elaborating all necessary documents.

Integral management of licences and authorizations

IDP Suring manages the handling of the licences and authorizations necessaries for both execution and commissioning of industrial projects, like the inscription in the different administrative Registries (Industrial Establishment Registry, Industrial Food-Processing Registry, etc.), including:

  • Definitions of the Procedure and Documentation Compilation
  • Project and Documentation Supervision
  • Industrial Activity Project Writing
  • Relationship with Public Administrations
  • Administrative Procedures Follow-up

Industrial land and building planning

IDP Suring offers multidisciplinary and technical advice for urban infrastructure and industrial planning, including: reports on existing infrastructures, evaluations of endowments and investments, administrative applications management, planning and execution systems coordination, etc.