Project Management

IDP IDP Suring project management

IDP Suring offers a full range of services including:

Full project management

Integral engineering project management, including all services needed, such as:

  • Feasibility Studies and/or Technical Reports about lands, commercial locations and real estate promotions.
  • Supply Management
  • Contractor and subcontractor management
  • Site Management.
  • Control of the reception and quality of the materials
  • Control of works execution and finishes.
  • Cost control, including works units control, and bills and budgets management
  • Works execution planning.

Works Management and Supervision

  • Professional Management, control and supervision of industrial works, utilities and installations.
  • Technical assistance to the developer on works controlling.
  • Project Planning and Follow-up.
  • Technical assistance in Contracting
  • Project and regulations compliance Supervision
  • Compilation of manuals and documentation

Integral management of licences and authorizations

IDP Suring manages the handling of the licences and authorizations necessaries for both execution and commissioning of industrial projects, like the inscription in the different administrative Registries (Industrial Establishment Registry, Industrial Food-Processing Registry, etc.), including:

  • Definitions of Procedure and Documentation Compilation
  • Project and Documentation Supervision
  • Industrial Activity Project Writing
  • Relationship with Public Administrations
  • Administrative Procedures Follow-up.