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Subsidies and Public Grants Management

IDP Suring is among the most important consulting companies in Andalusia in the field of Grants Management for Investment Projects implementation. Our company has managed, in the last three years, subsidies and grants for investment projects that total more than 2.750 million euros. The Technical Assistance for Subsidies Management we offer to our clients includes the following services:

  • Analysis of all existing subsidies for each investment project.
  • Constant follow-up and permanent update of all the innovations that arise in this area
  • Technical Assistance to the client on investments definition, in relation with obtaining subsidies and aids.
  • Elaborating the grants applications and submitting them to the different Public Administrations.
  • Constant follow-up of the entire administrative procedure.
  • Advising the company in the investment execution, in everything that relates to subsidies management.
  • Preparation of the collection dossiers or Investment Justification, to get total or partial payments of the subsidies granted, including its submitting to the public administration.

IDP Suring has managed the following public subsidies programs for clients:

  • Economic Regional Incentives, of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Soft Loans for Reindustrialization, Ministry of Industry
  • Incentives for Sustainable Energy Development
  • Subsidies to reduce the environmental impact of the industries
  • Incentives for Innovation and Managerial Development
  • Subsidies for food-processing industry
  • Subsides for Tourist Infrastructure and Rural Tourism

We advise our clients on how to obtain Tax Deductions on the following:

Environmental investments

Environmental Investments are understood as everything the company does to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, to decrease the generation of effluent liquids and the reduction of solid waste. Our Technical Assistance includes everything necessary for the previous approval, on the part of the correspondent Ministry of Environment, of the Environmental Investment Programs, as well as for the later justification of the investment approved up to reaching the definitive environmental confirmation, guaranteeing in this way the application of the tax deduction.

R&d investments

The integral services in R&D assistance consist in valuing what projects can be subsidized by the Public Administration, then advising on the deductions that may come with, in making the applications in the most appropriate way, submitting them to the public administration and following up the entire process. We manage all the subjects related to R&D investment, from its definition to the grants to be obtained. Our technical reports make easier to the company and its auditors to justify the investment realization. Also, our integral service in R&D provides our clients with information related to any legislative or administrative changes that may come about.